Your website isn’t just a website, it’s a web presence. That’s why we offer solutions to meet your goals.

Web Design

We make websites that look more like nicely groomed paths than wide open spaces. Don’t get us wrong, wide open spaces are great for throwing a frisbee or playing a game of soccer, but when it comes to people visiting your website, you want to direct them where you want them to go…towards the end of your funnel. From design to deployment, your website will be built to meet your goals.

WordPress Development

Web Marketing & SEO

Email Marketing with MailChimp

  • Design a reusable email template using your company’s logo and colors.
  • Setup your list and opt-in/confirmation/opt-out messages.
  • Design your signup form using your company’s logo and colors, add fields to capture the information you want, and add the form to your website.
  • Develop a one year email newsletter content plan (you will be responsible for writing the actual content).
  • Format and import current customers into your MailChimp list.
  • Write and send an invitation up to 500 non-customer contacts inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Integrate with your Google Analytics account.
  • Send your first campaign.

You are responsible for ongoing MailChimp fees (monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go plans are available).

Website Hosting